labor day

We had an outstanding Labor Day, complete with visit from Caleb’s sister Sarah and her boys, and his sister Sharon.

Micah1 WM

Jonah1 WM

I was just crazy happy to see my nephews after so many months. Micah has the most adorable brown curls I’ve ever seen and check out Jonah’s big blue eyes. They are both sweet enough to eat!


Here they are trying out the trampoline while Caleb grilled the chicken.



Aunt Sharon and Jackson hanging out on the trampoline


Jackson and Jonathan were in cousin heaven and lovin’ every minute of it!


Like three peas in a pod, see?


Karolena said…
aw, so cute! nice bubble beard on Jackson there, hah
Marian Frizzell said…
that last picture is ridiculous. Jackson's got some crazy awesome facial bubbles going on.