LOST: my mind

One day last week (that would be the week the clouds scooped up an entire lake and dumped it on our yard, right after the week before that when it rained a monsoon) when we couldn’t go out because there was standing water four inches deep on the front walk, I was looking for an indoor activity. And since we’d exhausted all the games I could think of and scribbled on every page of all the Mickey Mouse coloring books we own, I was rummaging through the cabinets for something, anything, we could bake.
That’s when I stumbled across a cake mix.
I must be slightly cupcake challenged because I haven’t made them in FOREVER and when I read on the back of the box that this one little mix would make two dozen I was all Pffh yeah, whatever.
Turns out the box don’t lie. 
Like, we had cupcakes coming outta our ears.
And as if that wasn’t crazy enough, I gave Jackson the icing and a knife and said have at it, dude. And he was like REALLY? SERIOUSLY? and then he couldn’t talk anymore because he was playing chubby bunny with a huge dollop of buttercream icing.
Did I mention this was before lunch? Before naptime? And did I tell you that due to backyard floodage we were trapped inside? Just me and the boys… and a tub of icing.
Someone haul me off in a straightjacket because I’VE LOST MY MIND!!!
At least the boys were entertained.
They learned that that Mommy is tons of fun when she gets cabin fever. I learned that serving cupcakes before bed is a VERY bad idea.
At least we agree on one thing.
The icing is definitely the best part of the cupcake.


Marian Frizzell said…
I so hope that I will be as cool of a mom as you are. Seriously. Tips are welcome and appreciated. :)