prime real estate

Several months ago I wrote this post about a momma bird who chose the wreath on our front door as the perfect place to lay her eggs last year. It was insanely difficult to discourage her from building in that location, but I relentlessly continued to scare her off and clean out her half-constructed quarters in the hopes she would take a hint and put in a bid on some other property.

I succeeded in reclaiming the wreath that year and had completely forgotten about the incident by the time spring rolled around again. I was completely caught off guard when the bird came back and built another nest AND laid four eggs before I realized it. Several weeks later we found ourselves the owners of one very loud, real moving parts, batteries not included wreath nest and one bird poop covered front entrance.

That was back in June and the baby birds are long gone now, but up until yesterday I still hadn’t cleaned the nest out of the wreath.


Call me crazy, but I thought it was kind of cool having a genuine bird nest hanging from my front door. That is, until Wednesday night when I opened the door and was nearly decapitated by one psychotic momma bird. I guess she came back to check on her house, or something?

Anyway, Jackson and I were out there cleaning that nest out first thing the next morning. Because I like to walk outside my house at night without being assaulted.

We even updated the wreath a little, in the spirit of our Highs In The Upper 80s Fall.


Hopefully the ‘H’ will be a deterrent if the momma bird comes back. Unless her last name ends with H, in which case I’m sure it will take a force of nature to keep her from building here again.


And in the spirit of Waste Not, we even found a place for the genuine bird nest.



Underneath a genuine stone bird.


Caleb said…
...and Jackson keeps swearing it's a real bird in that cage. LOL