another back porch foe

Living in the woods does have it’s disadvantages. While we were waiting for the house to be built I had enormous fantasies about smelling the fresh country air, and oh, how peachy to open the back door every day and find myself so close to nature. I quickly realized I’m the type of gal who prefers to love God’s creatures without having them move in on my back porch.

So after plenty of assurance that this spider isn’t the jumping kind, I got close enough to get this shot before I insisted Jeremy run him off the porch. (Yep, I’m that lady. The one who’s on a first name basis with the pest control guy.)

And since I got close enough to this arachnid to take the pictures there’s no way I’m not posting it here for your viewing. Excuse the fact I cut his leg off. My hand was shaking so bad that it’s by pure luck the photo is even in focus.