short legs

“We like RED, yes we do. We like RED, how ‘bout you?”

In case you opened the blog sometime today and found things looking a little outta whack, that’s because we’ve undergone our Fall maintenance and this time we’re trying out a new W  I  D  E  R format which will allow for larger picture posting.

Like this.


See. HUGE!


Umm… just in case you were wondering, that is a pair of pajama pants that I had to cut three inches off of so Jackson could wear them without tripping all over the house. Apparently in America is is socially unacceptable to have short legs. And if you have the misfortune, you have to either walk on your pants or have them tailored.

Thus, I spent most of the day Saturday cutting three inches off every pair of pants Jackson owns.


Back to the blog. I haven’t ironed out all the kinks yet so if things look wonky or something seems out of place to you, leave a comment on this post and let me know so I can fix it pronto. And be sure to include the browser and device you use to view.





Marian Frizzell said…
I say, if you have short legs, be grateful. Hemming is easy. However, wearing permanent high-waters is difficult on a child's self-esteem. Why do you think I turned out the way I did?
Sarah Mann said…
Jackie - I love the new look to the blog! You are so talented, truly! And the boys are looking especially adorable in these new pictures!! We love you all sooooooo much!!