photo wall

Finally after months of hemming and hawing over what to do with this big blank wall I have added some flavor to our living room. My brother, Jon, arrived today just in time to help Caleb arrange and hang the frames that have been sitting in the box for a month. (Yes, it took me THAT long to pick and print pictures. I’m somewhat ridiculous that way.)


I simply adore the effect I used on these photos. It’s called ‘Through the Viewfinder’ or TtV, which basically means to take a picture through the viewfinder of an older camera with another (usually modern) camera. The end result looks something like this.


Of course, I didn’t use the genuine method of TtV. My hat’s off to the people who have time and energy to spend on that. Instead I just simulated the effect, which I think works almost just as well. I compiled a file of about twenty pictures I liked and Caleb helped me narrow it down to these nine, which I edited and messed around with until I liked the arrangement.


The finished product arrived today from the printers and we went straight to work getting them hung on the wall.


Thanks to Caleb and Jon for all their hard work. What used to be my least favorite wall now has me enslaved. I love it. I can’t look away.