oh, the weatha outside is frightfa

But not the kind of “frightfa” you might think. Not the scarves and fireplaces and BLIZZARDS oh my! frightful. Oh no. Not in Alabama, not even with Christmas approaching. Instead it’s more like shorts and sandals and turn on that air condition quick oh my! Seriously. Someone needs to alert the cold front that December is here. Move on in, anytime you like. Put up your feet and stay awhile ‘cause I’d rather not be wearing tee-shirts on Christmas this year.

Fortunately, nothing. I mean NOTHING, not even 78 degree weather can discourage me from enjoying my hot cocoa beside the Christmas tree. Even if I do have to turn on the fan to keep from breaking a sweat.

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Here’s to hoping your weather is a tad more convincing than ours.


Marian Frizzell said…
first of all, our weather is (more convincing), and I'll try to send some your way. Second of all, that cocoa looks incredible. How about we trade? My weather for your cocoa?
Anonymous said…
that does look like delicious stuff there. 123