‘tis the season

for glue.

not kidding.

the boys are having a competition this year to see who can destroy the most Christmas decorations before the holiday rolls around. I thought I’d better get some pictures before the tree is completely disrobed.

078 062

And this little snowman, who’s survived for five years, is now in danger of being decommissioned after requiring surgery for both arms. And it’s only December 3rd!!!


I’ve lost count of how many times these stockings have been pulled down. 20 times, maybe…


About to be 21.


Ah hah! Finally found something that hasn’t been tampered with… Oh wait. I was in there this morning. Nevermind!

So now that we’ve established that the decorations probably won’t be around much longer…

Jackson, aren’t you excited about Christmas??


What about you, Jon??


hmm… oh well. It’s still sinking in, I think.