another blog

So, I’ve decided to start another blog.

I know, right? Just look away if you’re like me and thinking Oh mercy, when will she have time to run another blog?? Hopefully this new one won’t be as demanding… word wise. Also, time is something you think about a lot when preparing for deployment. The weeks beforehand are filled with not enough of it.The weeks months during can’t go by fast enough. Why do you think I’ve taken on hedgehog ownership, a new blog, and complete sanitization of the entire house?

Trust me… this year I will have enough time.

Something else that’s been bugging me a lot recently is my inability to follow through on a single New Years Resolution. I quit making them a long time ago. But this year my resolution should be something I can keep up with. This year I resolve to take one photograph a day for 365 days, chronicling my life during this deployment, and post them here: Project 365 (It can also be accessed from the picture on the sidebar of this blog). The challenge will be to take pictures that are artistic and interesting. Two things I almost never achieve in the same photo.

I’ve had a little taste this week. You might say I tested the waters before committing to my resolution. I’m cautious like that. But now that it’s posted, I hope you’ll hold me to it. 

Let the madness begin. Oh, and welcome to my 365 ;)

click to enter Project 365