the lowdown

In case you were wondering about the animal in the picture, here’s the scoop, the skinny, the lowdown. Whatever. 

Thanks to my sweet husband who wanted to provide me with a diversion during deployment, I am now the proud owner of one tiny baby hedgehog. We purchased her from a breeder in Mississippi back in November and anxiously waited for her to turn 6 weeks old and be weaned, which was to be around New Years Day. On Saturday my brother Michael delivered her to the door and I was so excited I practically ripped the shoebox open, except you know, those shoebox lids come off pretty easily so there was really no destruction involved.

Anyway. SHE IS ADORABLE! And can you say itty-bitty? Like only 110 grams. I know because I weighed her. I’m a responsible hedgehog owner like that. She is also nocturnal and I am decidedly NOT. Therefore, it is very difficult to photograph her. That and the fact that she moves constantly and is distracted by NOTHING. So that method that usually works for me: “Kids! Look into my lens. See the squeaky duck?” SQUEAK! CLICK! That method doesn’t work on hedgehogs.

Also, if you are friends with me on facebook you may have followed the conversations in which we referred to her as “Mrs. Prickles”. Disclaimer: I did not give her that name nor do I condone the use of it. That name gives me shudders. We will not call her that. She’s too cute to be named anything cliché. Who started that anyway? ahem. MICHAEL!

So aside from the horrid nickname, she has been nameless since November… Apparently we are not very creative around here. While discussing it last night Caleb said “Hey, do we still have that baby name book?” I was like “Are you serious.” I refuse to name her something I might one day consider for a future baby. I also refuse to name her Sonic. That is a line I just won’t cross.

So, if you have a name suggestion leave a comment. Otherwise she might be nameless for a long while more. Or, heaven forbid, the atrocious nickname “Mrs. Prickles” might actually stick!





Deb said…
From your words - "Adorable"Dora
or Cousin "Itty Bitty" (a female Cousin It)
other: Shy baby (for short: shy)
Scherazade or after a relative - e.g. Aunt Mary
or girlie - for "my little girl." or girlfriend.
jon said…
Hedgebert MrsPricklesworth
Frodo (I don't care if its a girl, I still like this one)
Jackie said…
Piglet? ...anyone?
Sarah said…
Luna or Attla

yes, I did go to google and type in "pet hedgehog names". I like those. I hope I get to meet her in person sometime! :)
Anonymous said…
how about "tajam" ...(is that how you spell it?) or is it tahjam? LOL, I can't spell in INDO either! 123
Jackie said…
Tajam = Sharp. That's certainly accurate.
And Sarah, you aren't the only one who googled :)
Karolena said…
aww, he's so cute! I read "Mrs. Prickles" as "Mrs. Pickles" at first, but I guess you don't like that one either. I like "Tajam," upon seeing the meaning it seems apt. Also - Snuffy, Spike, and names that start with H to go with hedgehog.
jon said…
really? no one likes Q-Tip? i mean come on, if you're too lazy to say the whole thing, Q-T works for short. you know you like this one best jackie
bob saget said…
i vote Q-Tip
bill cosby said…
i also vote Q-Tip
Anonymous said…
Ok. I do like Q-Tip, but I have to vote that MOM had the best suggestion. Tajam really fits (does she speak INDO yet?)
Love, Dad
Jackie said…
Jon, I guess since both bill cosby and bob saget vote for Q-Tip it must be the best :P
Anonymous said…
ok, ok, this competition if fierce! HOw about rambutan? call her bu. well......she looks like a brown rambutan! 123 Me