picking up


I realize the last few posts around here have been a bit depressing. Believe me, those days were just as hard for me as they looked. I didn’t expect to see my husband off to war and escape un-battered. I also didn’t expect to return home to a floating fish. I guess Chum just couldn’t live one day without Caleb. The irony is ridiculous. But, anyway, it’s not my intention to write an entire year full of gloom, so don’t worry. Besides, it’s hard to maintain sadness in a house where giggles are so prevalent and dancing breaks out at random on a Saturday morning. Goofiness goes on.

But every deployment has it’s ups and downs. Someone told me recently that it never really gets easier, but over time you get used to the absence, and you learn to live for the little things. So when I catch myself wishing the year was over, I take a look at Jack and Jon and I remember that every day with them is precious. And I’d be a fool to wish away one second.

I can’t promise that every post this year will make you laugh, but I can promise every post will be honest. Some days there will be giggles. Some days there will be beauty. Some days there will be a little loneliness. But hopefully every day will be real, and genuine.

And speaking of genuine, I feel completely overwhelmed by the overflow of love and support from so many family and friends. Caleb and I are floored and so utterly thankful for every single prayer and word of encouragement. Thank you to all our family members who came to the deployment ceremony even though the drive was ridiculous and the rain obnoxious (I feel just awful for not taking a single picture!) And thank you to those who couldn’t be there, but thought about and prayed peace over us on that day.

And now back to our regular hilarity.