this particular brand of entertainment

Have I mentioned that my husband is hilarious. He has a goofy side that most people don’t see. But if you get to know him well enough, and if you’re around when he lets his hair down (as much as one can with a crew cut), you might be surprised at how often he causes you to snort Dr. Pepper or inhale your peanuts.

Our boys adore him. For a lot of different reasons, but also because he makes them laugh. And sometimes to make them laugh requires a particular brand of entertainment. One my husband specializes in.

Like Monday night when we stopped for pizza on our way home. Which, by the way, is the only food our boys take longer to eat than we do. And we sat there waiting for them to finish, urging them to hurry up, until Caleb began playing with his napkin… and his straw. Before I knew it he’d constructed a blow gun and was pelting Jon with napkin wads from across the table. And Jackson and Jonathan? I’ve never seen kids laugh that hard. Our neighbors were eyeballing us over the top of their booth to see the hyenas we brought to dinner.

It was completely hysterical. Until Jon picked up one of the little napkin wads from the table and popped it in his mouth.

And swallowed.

Thus ended the entertainment.

But here’s something else that happened recently that I was fortunate enough to catch on video. Now you see why we are never bored.