Tiggy the grouch

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We named her Tiggy after this famous hedgehog from my favorite children’s author of all time. Sorry. I guess I lied about not using anything cliché. Tiggy fit and she was in danger of being nameless forever. Plus all I’ve wanted to call her for the past week is Mrs. Crankypants. Hedgehogs go through a process around 8 weeks of age where they loose their baby spines and grow new adult ones. This is called quilling and it is exactly like a baby teething. Exactly. Right down to the mood swings, and unexplainable tears, and most especially the orneriness.


Here she is, out of sorts after a bath.


*Hiss* Huff* “Put me down right now!” *Puff* HISSSS*


*Sigh* “It’s awfully hard to scare people away when I’m so darn cute.”