yea though I walk through the valley of meltdowns

I’m not completely oblivious to the fact that almost all the pictures I post on this site are of my kids smiling, sharing, playing sweetly and loving each other. And I’d say our life is like that 90% of the time. But we are not without incidents.

I sort of expect them from Jonathan. He is two, after all. Fits are part of the stage he is in. And he is the youngest child. It comes with the territory. And then there is his personality… which sometimes gives me nightmares about the upcoming teenage years.

But Jackson is another story. He is very laid back, happy, agreeable to almost anything. Rarely ridiculous. Except that lately he has been getting up at the crack of dawn… well, earlier actually. We really aren’t sure exactly what time he gets up, as illustrated in this series of texts exchanged between Caleb and I this morning.

Me: What time did Jackson get up this morning? He’s a total grouch.

Caleb: I don’t know, but he was up b4 me. Who knows?

Me: Oh dear.

With so little sleep on board Jackson was a complete basket case by lunch time. He burst into tears when I left the room to make some lunch. And the water works continued when he found out I cooked Mac n Cheese instead of peanut butter and honey, which is what he wanted.

What I really should have gotten on video is what went down when I finally persuaded him to try a bite. He swallowed, smiled hugely, and said “Mommy, this lunch is so tasty!”

And I was all “Hallelujah! The world will go on.”