a before and after

You could say I have a ‘thing’ for windows. Not just any windows, though. I like old, crunchy, dilapidated windows. The kind nobody wants anymore. I think they’re beautiful. And it’s kind of thrilling to find one and hang it in my house, not knowing how old it is or where it was before.

So, about a year ago I picked up this window at the flea market. I think I paid about 5 dollars for it. It was in pretty bad shape, but nothing unfixable. I got it home and unloaded it in the garage, promising to work on it the next day.

And there it sat for a year. While I worked on getting my nerve up to do something drastic.


Oddly enough, I really liked the bright blue paint peeking through from the back. But whoever had it before the flea market decided to carelessly mutilate it with white. I’m all for artistic distressing, but this just looks sloppy and dirty. The other two windows that I have hanging in the house both have their original paint, so this is the first one I have done any work on. I gotta admit, I was really reluctant…


But I think I made the right choice.


This is so ‘me’.


And yeah, the blue was too awesome to cover completely.


Heather Z said…
You totally made the right choice!