“Mommy, let’s make some bread today.”

“Okay, Jack. Are you going to help me?”



Turns out he thought “helping” meant sitting at the island playing with his toys.

That’s okay. I’m pretty good at measuring ingredients and tossing them in the bread machine.

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Thank goodness I don’t have to do any actual kneading, rolling, or baking. If that wasn’t the case, my kids would have no idea what homemade bread was.

After three hours of not so patiently waiting…



I so wish I could take credit for this beautiful loaf of bread, except if you recall, I didn’t do a bit of kneading, rolling, or baking. And measuring ingredients isn’t all that hard.


Slice it up and hand it over! These kids won’t touch a piece of plain store brought bread with a ten foot pole, but homemade bread, fresh and hot, is a different story. They know a good thing when they see it… or smell it. And they can polish off half a loaf in one sitting.