for Caleb

Yesterday Jonathan played it the snow for the first time. I thought he’d need some encouragement to stick his feet in, but he wasn’t reluctant at all. In fact, I could barely get his gloves, scarf, and hat on before he was out the door running! Of course he did a face plant as soon as he hit the snow and then he got up and laughed about it like having a face full of ice is the coolest thing ever. So adorable.

I wish you could have been there for this, the first of many ‘firsts’ you will miss this year. Sometimes I wish I could change that, but knowing that neither of us chose this deployment is comforting to me. That it was handed to us without our consent sort of reminds me that we’re on the right path. And so when I think about regrets, I don’t have any. I wouldn’t change the fact that you joined the Army. Or that you became a member of this unit.

But I hate that you are far away. I wish I could bottle up every minute of every day with the boys and send it to you, especially the one this morning when Jonathan hit himself in the head with a toy and then pitched a fit like someone else had done it :-P 

(Just kidding about that one… sorta)

Since I can’t package up all the precious moment, I’ll just have to stick to documenting them the only way I know how. Nothing is as good as the real thing, but this is the best I can do. 


I promise there will always be pictures here for you!