it’s the eyes


I got my first “Are they twins?” in the grocery store yesterday. My mouth hung open for a few seconds before I said “No Ma’am. They’re two years apart.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve been told they look alike. In fact, I get that almost every time we go out. Does everyone see a resemblance that I don’t? In my mind they couldn’t be more different. Jonathan has fine curly hair while Jackson’s is course and flat as a board. Jonathan is quiet around strangers, Jackson can tell his life story to the lady at the check out line in two minutes flat. Jonathan is rough, all boy, loves to run into the wall and laugh about it, also aggravates the stew outta his brother just because he can. Jackson is soft spoken and gentle, cries about misbehaving before he’s even punished, and uses his favorite phrase “Oh really?” in every situation.

Besides all that, Jackson is obviously bigger than Jonathan. Only a blind man would mistake them for twins, so I thought.


I was just about to say something to this effect (only nicer, you know) when the lady turned to me and said “Well, it’s the eyes, Dear. They have the exact same eyes…” Then she leaded toward me and squinted, “which they didn’t get from you.”

At this point Jackson, who’s heard me have this same conversation before and knew what was coming next, piped up and said “They come from Daddy.”


Katie said…
Jackie, I just love reading your blog! thanks for the beauty...beautiful boys, beautiful pictures, your beautiful mom-heart. sorry this got so cheesy, but seriously it is so fun to read!