Jackson’s take

I quit keeping a photo album years ago. It was a time commitment I just couldn’t make and after I got several months behind, the catch up was a monumental task. So I put away the scrapbooking stuff and decided to forget about it.

Fortunately about 80% of our family photos get posted to this blog, which means as long as we have internet access it is there for Jackson and Jonathan to look at. Which they do. A lot. In fact, Jackson is quite proficient at scrolling through the pages so he controls the mouse and Jon sits in the chair beside him and “directs” (which is what he’s really good at).

Yesterday they were going through some posts and I heard Jackson’s take on the latest pictures:

“Wow, look Jon. You’re so cute and squishy.”



Katie said…
Jackson is so sweet.

Does it make you laugh when it says "1 comments"? It makes me laugh, so I got really excited that there was a zero comment post, so I could comment and it could say "1 comments".
Jackie said…
hah! I never noticed that, but now I will laugh every time I see it :)