pizza with broccoli

I am not a fan of pro football. Sorry. I’ve tried and I’m just not. But we are Americans. And I am raising little boys. And as their sole caretaker at the moment, it’s important that I make sure they have a well rounded education. But mostly, I don’t want their Daddy to come home from Iraq and hear “Football? What’s that?” So Sunday night saw us parked on the couch along with everyone else in the country. I even jumped and whooped at the TV a few times, you know, so they will think it’s totally normal.

I gave the boys a choice between burgers or pizza for dinner and the vote was unanimous.


So I made pizza.


Um, yeah, that’s broccoli on top. Also spinach and mushrooms, turkey sausage and Alfredo sauce.


And no, they didn’t have a clue.


About the broccoli, I mean.


They know a thing or two about football.

(You’re welcome, Honey!)