Unlike the single snowfall last year when we didn’t expect it at all, this time around I’d been monitoring the weather and had several calls from friends. That, and for whatever reason the National Weather Service continued to remind me all day Thursday to keep bottled water and food in my car. I’m still scratching my head over that one.

When I talked to Caleb Thursday night he mentioned that all training on the base had been suspended due to the weather. It was starting to sound like a blizzard was expected in the South. Caleb was like “We have waterproof gloves for the boys, right?” and I’m all “Um, no. This is Alabama, dude.”

So Thursday evening after we’d accumulated four inches on the ground, I dug out every winter weather article of clothing I could find, bundled the boys in about three layers and turned them loose in the backyard.








Anonymous said…
great pictures Jackie. thanks. these are so fun! 123 . busy with team. will write soon! Me