A couple of things about today.

1. IT SNOWED! For real! You know, they said it was gonna, and I didn’t believe it. But since the radio kept telling me I should keep bottled water and food in my car (??) we went out yesterday and stocked up on bread, cheese, and milk. Oh, and pop tarts. And while talking to Jackson in the store I accidentally let it slip that snow was in the forecast. Then I felt like a total jerk when he got up this morning, looked out the window and started crying.

So I texted Caleb and was all “Yeah, right. What snow??” and not twenty minutes later it started falling. Big fat chunky SNOW! I gladly eat my text because Jackson was so happy.

We did go out and play for a while this afternoon but I only took 150 pictures… SOME of which I’ll post after I sort and edit.

For now this is all I’ve got.


2. Today is Tiggy’s birthday! And in typical Tiggy fashion she spent the day eating kitty kibble and napping in her igloo. She is 11 weeks old today, which is a monumental milestone for a hedgehog. Hedgies have subtle color changes to their quills from birth until 11 weeks of age, at which point their adult color can be identified.

My best guess is that Tiggy’s color is White-Bellied Grey, but I’m not exactly an expert, so I’ll be posting her pictures on my favorite hedgehog forum sometime in the next few days and have a breeder ID her for me.

That’s on my To Do list as soon as I can get some good pictures. She must be shy about her age or something, because I could NOT get her to sit still with her birthday hat today.


But she was all for hiding under it.