a celebration


Thursday I had the honor of attending Uncle Evan and Aunt Peggy’s celebration service. It was truly awe inspiring to see the vast number of people sitting in this enormous sanctuary to remember two lives. My Aunt and Uncle were so loved.

family seats

mother and son

"In Christ Alone"

piano player

mourning gentleman


After this service, the celebration continued at a nearby country club. It was a joyous occasion, as people talked and laughed, or stood together in small groups just remembering. It was wonderful.

patio group

laughing with Evan

friends with Aunt Nancy

Aunt Martha and Uncle Terry

my cousin, Daniel

Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary

my cousins, Kara and David cousin Erin

Dad and my brother, Jon

praying with Evan

Uncle Timothy and Aunt Nancy with friends

Uncle Terry on the left

tender moment

I simply adore this last one. The lovely lady on the right is my grandmother. And the woman touching her cheek is Aunt Peggy’s mother. One has lost a son and one a daughter. Yet both are smiling. A wonderful testament of faith and hope.


Marian Frizzell said…
teared up looking at this. I know Jesus is so happy to have your aunt and uncle home with Him.
NANNY said…
Thank you so much for using your God given talent for us all.
Karolena said…
such great pictures! thanks for posting these
Anonymous said…
thanks for posting so we can share in these times ...... 123 Me