Props if you can correctly identify this subject, which I spent a deranged amount of time trying to photograph yesterday.


If you guessed soap bubble, you were right.


I really wanted a few decent shots to frame and hang in the hallway, so I diligently clicked away, adjusted the lighting, clicked some more, added more soap, clicked some more, adjusted the lighting again, changed the flash batteries, clicked again, etc.


And eventually I gave up. I never did get anything I particularly want to blow up and frame, probably because the bubbles were so miniscule. I could NOT figure out how to get them any bigger.

I’ll try again some day… after I’ve recovered from the trauma of cleaning soap splatters off my lens.


Katie said…
a bubble? With dishsoap? cool picture!
Amanda said…
One of those shiney things in the garden?? Ha. I am very technical.
Caleb said…
Ha! That's easy. It's a lamp shade, of course...I think...
Sarah T said…
at least whatever surface you used is VERY clean now