just a bite



Playdough and I have a rocky relationship. I’m not a big fan of scraping it off my floors, or the boys’ shirts, or out from under their fingernails. But these things aren’t the worst of it. These things I can handle. These things don’t compare to the real reason I refuse to leave Jon unattended with the playdough.

What is it about the stuff that begs my 2 year old to stick it in his mouth?? I know it’s not toxic, but I’ve accepted that I will never be okay with him eating playdough. It’s just not okay with me. The end.

And so I sit and maintain an eagle eye watch because I know what I’ll hear if I turn my back, even for a minute: “Mom, Jon’s eating the playdough again!!” 


Katie said…
me tooo!!! I keep asking Catherine (3 years) if it tastes good....because SURELY it doesn't and she says yes. so then I change tactics, but no matter what, she keeps eating it. nasty. not okay. I totally relate. and her mom is not okay with it, and her reasoning is because "there is no telling where that stuff has been". good point. oh. man.