I think its safe to say my Project 365 has finally croaked. Actually, it bit the dust weeks ago, but I’m now finally able to admit it. Since I’m like three weeks behind with no desire whatsoever to catch up… I’m laying it to rest. Maybe next year I should take on a Project 12. Yeah, I think I could manage one photo a month.

I thought I was going to be hard pressed for projects during this deployment, but so far my to do list is growing faster than I can cross stuff off. Turns out this single parent thing takes more of my time than I thought it was going to… ha! Who am I kidding? It takes all my time.

Not that I mind, because if I could I’d spend every morning on a blanket beside the Chattahoochee, counting squirrels, discussing Beach Boys songs, and questing to find the biggest, bestest, awesomest rock.

By the way, we are something like a fourth of the way through this deployment. Which is both encouraging and somewhat devastating. Encouraging because that’s three months behind us, devastating because there are nine months ahead. And because the time so far has felt like a year.

But on the mornings I wake up and have a Can I be done yet?? moment, it helps to pile into the car and drive to the river, where I’m reminded that would I could fast-forward I’d miss an awful lot of awesome rocks.


Marian Frizzell said…
so when I started reading your post I was laughing at your honesty about project 365, but by the end, I was just wanting to give you a hug and go down to the river with you and the boys (we'd bring Alex too, but he'll be significantly less interested in the Beach Boys and the squirrels). Love you.
Elisa said…
Awwwwwww I'm sad to see it go. It was a fantastic idea. But I wondered when I first came across it how you could possibly have the time! I can't even imagine having the time to take and process a picture EVERY DAY. I mean, there are days when I don't do some far more necessary things that I don't want to mention. lol

I'm an audience for a Project 365, Project 12, or anything else you decide to do, can't wait! :)
Elisa said…
Ohhhh sweetie. I hadn't finished reading when I posted earlier.

I think of you every. single. day. and send up a prayer that you're making it ok in your heart and soul. I haven't know what to say (or ask) about your feelings on the deployment (and I didn't know if you'd want to talk about it), but I am in awe at your strength to tackle it head on and do as WONDERFULLY as you obviously do at it.

I wished I lived closer so I could come take up some of your burden from time to time and give you more time to look for those rocks.