My cousin Sarah was presented as a Hoover Belle on Sunday and I got to be there.

It was great fun for me. I’ve never seen so many girls in hoops. It was lovely. And here are a few pictures.

The entrance, escorted by her dad:

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There was a live jazz band that played while they danced:

022 032

This was a cute moment. A little high-five at the end:


Group picture. This is my grandmother, my Aunt Cindy, Sarah, Uncle Dave, and friends:


Sarah’s dress and those roses on the back of her hat were made by Aunt Cindy. So gorgeous:

058 152

General good fun:

080 079 074

Sarah was sweet enough to let me drag her outside the ballroom where the light was a little better:

108 085

This could be my favorite picture. When I first saw it I was sitting here drinking my coffee. And then I laughed and inhaled it. Hilarity:

097 112 121

And underneath that hoop, adorable monogrammed pantaloons.


Sarah is just beautiful!

151 104


Elisa said…
WOW for so many reasons!!!!

Your pictures, of course. As always I'm emotional after viewing -- because they always capture perfectly whatever emotion is present at the time. Breathtaking, unique, insightful, moment-capturing, timeless as always.

But also, I did not know that Ben and Katie had a little sister. :) Sarah must have come along after I sat for them, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to know her.

And wow about a modern day "coming out party"!! I truly had no idea anyone did this anymore. How WONDERFUL is this? Hoop skirts and all! I'm loving it.

How lucky Sarah is to have a better than professional photographer for a cousin. These will be something she'll treasure forever for sure.

Maximum awesome.
Sarah Traylor said…
JACKIE!!! I LOVE them! These are so amazing. No, you did not drag me outside of the ballroom, I loved having you take pictures. Thank you! thank you! thank you! Can I use them on Facebook?
Jackie said…
Absolutely Sarah! I uploaded them to FB for you. The quality on there is... blah, but I'd be happy to put these on a disc for ya too.
Katie said…
Jack! Thanks so much for sharing these. It was so fun for me to get to see them; I'm glad you were there. Your pictures are just gorgeous...I know it doesn't hurt that Sarah is so beautiful, but you do stunning work! I can't wait to have an occasion where you can take pictures for me. hmm...let's see...