Jack’s flower


I spent Saturday morning in the front yard working on the flower beds. And I bribed Jackson not to touch the spade by promising him one flower to plant all by himself. He picked this orange gerber daisy and guarded it ferociously until it was time to put it in the ground, after which he wiped the sweat off his forehead and goes “I’m going to sleep good tonight, for sure.”


#1 lesson learned from this gardening experience: little boys have a limit on how much time they tolerate outdoors on a Saturday morning. For us, that limit is two hours. Beyond that there are lots of tears, and Jonathan screaming bloody murder because Jackson accidentally sprayed him with water, and Jackson having hysterics because a bug “touched” him, etc, etc.


Marian Frizzell said…
Josh gave me a gerber once. It was my longest living plant (to date--father-in-love just gave me a potted orchid and it's not dead...yet). I hope Jackson's survives longer than mine did, although 3 months is pretty good for my track record. Normally death comes in a matter of days.
Elisa said…
That is a breathtaking shot. LOVE it.