pronounced ‘nyo-kee’


This is gnocchi with basil pesto sauce. Reasons I make this once a week include: a. It’s delicious. Like, up there with chocolate cake (and that’s saying a lot coming from me). b. Jack and Jon scarf it down every time like it’s the last gnocchi on earth. c. I just like to see how many times I can say “gnocchi” during one meal. “Eat your gnocchi.” and “More gnocchi?” and “Isn’t this gnocchi beautiful?”

It’s really scary how much this amuses me.


Elisa said…
Ohhhhh that looks good. And I'm laughing at your amusement, it must be contagious.

Hold your breath, prepare yourself.....

Can you believe I have never had gnocchi!?

Ridiculous. I am inspired to try it, and soon. So how do you make this basil pesto sauce, because that sounds goooooood.

Of course, the thought of Oscar scarving ANYTHING down now has me highly amused! :)