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Jackson, at the ripe ol’ age of four, can now open files on the computer and browse through our family photos. Insane, I tell you, because as far as I know no one taught him to do that. Kids these days. Pretty sure my parents didn’t have to worry about me deleting their contacts list when I was his age… or ever.

Anyway, one day last week he opened the video folder by accident and then he squealed. That’s right, I said squealed. Italics to emphasize that the sound emitted from his mouth has only been heard once before, when he opened Wall-E on Christmas Day. Squealing = major awesomeness.

So when he dragged me in here to see the treasure he’d unearthed, a video of Caleb playing with Jonathan from sometime last year, I casually pointed out the plethora of videos in the folder. Before I knew it Jack and Jon where sitting in here going through every single file. The ones that featured Caleb they paid especially close attention to, and when they would end Jon would scream “Again! Again!”

This one I particularly love. Typical Saturday afternoon.

It’s us, to a tee. That’s why I love it.


Marian Frizzell said…
I love that you have these tangible, replayable memories for the boys. That's so special.