I crave outdoor pictures with branches and foliage and lush green grass (Caleb, this is our backyard, can you believe it?!) that you only find in the summer, but unfortunately I can’t stand to be out there. Period. It was 95 degrees with 50% humidity when I took this shot. What you don’t see is that we were outside for only two minutes where I snapped about ten pictures and also sweated through my shirt. And then I called it quits. Because when photography is painful, it’s not really much fun. Count on the rest of the pictures from this summer taken in the studio. Air conditioning is my friend.


Elisa said…
I hear you!!!! And it's NOWHERE near as hot here as it is where you are. More power to you. Not to mention the mosquitoes!

I love that shot. How on earth do you get your whites so pure? Mine ALWAYS overexpose and become a mass of light with no detail, and I have yet to find a way around it. Great, wonderful picture and worth the sweat. :)