a series

A dear friend of mine messaged me on facebook the other day and made mention of the black/white photo I posted last week of my guys. I was inspired to dig up the rest of the photos from that series. One of them (the fourth one) I have as a framed 8x10 in the living room, but I had quite forgotten what the rest of the shots looked like.

So over the weekend, because I was bored… okay, because I needed a break between mopping the floor and bathing the hedgehog, I decided to edit and post the entire set. I only took these eight photos of the guys… and I love every single one! I miss editing pictures of Caleb, and finding old photos to work with makes me happy. Almost like he’s home.

Here’s something else I love. The second shot was taken right after Caleb took away Jon’s pacifier. The third depicts him clearly protesting. In the fourth he has it again. Oh, I love it!

Anyway, here’s the entire series, as shot.


ps. thank goodness I bought those IKEA frames.


Elisa said…
Oh Jackie, those made me GIDDY, just GIDDY!!! I swear, I have tears in my eyes. The pacifier exit and return absolutely makes the series over the top awesome when it was already a homerun! Love, double love and more.