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I will say this about deployment, it leaves you without a doubt about what you’re capable of. Five months ago I wouldn’t even consider taking the boys hiking by myself (or to the zoo, or the Infantry Museum, etc.) because I didn’t feel confident in my ability to handle them or control any possible “situations” that might arise. Somewhere between then and now I began to realize it has less to do with controlling the situation and more to do with how you react to it.

And oh boy, do I feel free! It’s amazing how much fun you can have when you forget to worry about who’s getting their shoes dirty, or how long it’s going to take to clean out the car later, or how many baths is too many for one day.

Anyway, I digress. The point is that we went hiking. Well, actually we’ve been several times, but this was the first time I brought along the camera. And this is why:


This little house I spotted in the woods, has perfect stone walls and an amazing red wood door. I dream of planting this house in my backyard. I’d take pictures of it every day. I really would.

That’s my favorite thing about this location. Here’s what the boys like:


I haven’t seen a slide like this in years. Isn’t it darling?


Different methods of getting to the bottom.


So, if you get back in your car and drive a little further up the mountain, there’s a place to park and a nice little trail down to the waterfall. And yesterday we hiked it. Of course, just about everything is a hike when you have a two year old strapped to your back. The trail down to the waterfall is, how shall I say this… particularly fun. Jackson manages it very well, though, and his favorite phrase is “Mommy, don’t help me. I’m using my brain to see the way down.” Translation: ‘Don’t mess with me. I’m watching my feet so I don’t fall on my butt.”


Pre-hike photo. There are zero pictures of the boys climbing across the rocks and splashing in the water because, well, I haven’t figured out how to get the two kids, myself, and the camera down the slope without anyone getting hurt. I guess I need a smaller camera…

I did not just say that.


What I need is another set of shoulders. He’s the only thing that could have made this day better.


Elisa said…
I can't wait for your other set of shoulders to be back for you.

I ADORE the pre-hike shot, showing you and Jon in the little rear view mirror -- GENIUS!!!

There's one of those old school slides at a park a few minutes from us -- it's fantastic, but yours is even better! The RED makes it fabulous. I believe ours is green. We need to visit it again soon, if I'm already forgetting the color.

Love you, love all your posts!