watching movies with the hog


I’ve watched a ton of movies lately, probably as many the past few months as I did during the entire last year. I call it “catching up” because it sounds better than “has no life”. 

The only problem is I really hate to watch tv by myself, so guess who I dump out of the igloo to keep me company.

She’s a good movie buddy, but a very harsh critic. Anything too loud or disruptive causes her to startle, which is bad news for any fingers that happen to be close to those quills.

I’ve learned the hard way that movies with screaming, gunfire, or explosions are ones I should watch by myself.

In other words..

Anne of Green Gables = two thumbs up.

Black Hawk Down? I may have permanent scars.


Katie said…
I want to watch Ann of Green Gables with you!
Katie said…