thunder on the hooch


Happy Birthday America!

The only way the Chattahoochee could be any better is when Christian/Country music and fireworks are involved. There are always a ton of people at the event and this was, of course, our first time without Caleb. I was worried about keeping up with the boys and the camera and all the other paraphernalia involved when you’re camping in an amphitheatre for four hours. No worries, though. It was a beautiful afternoon, and a ton of fun.


Watching Garrett Lee and waiting for dark

031 015 016

The view from the bridge


Consuming $4 worth of cotton candy. This is highway robbery at it’s finest, ya’ll. I actually felt guilty when I tossed the uneaten half of Jon’s bag in the trashcan. By the way, the dye in this stuff is insane. They both looked like smurfs for the rest of the night.


Hope your 4th was fantastic.


jon said…
he had an uneaten half?? aren't those things just about straight sugar? wouldn't he like that?