15 days


A few random photos from R&R. I’ve been slowly inching my way through them, between sporadic Bob the Builder marathons and sleep-depravity induced afternoon naps (Jackson wasted no time getting back into his routine of waking me up at 3am saying he misses his daddy).

Some more that I love from the beach.

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City of Orange Beach.


Jonathan about to be tossed skyward in the hotel pool we spent all of ten minutes in (Jackson demonstrating the hair that sometimes gets him mistaken for a girl).


Road trip (taken seconds before my camera tried to take a dive off the dash)…


and cherries.


The one that’ll probably get framed.


(photo by Michael)

Dinner at Mom and Dad’s.

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(photos above taken by Uncle Dave)

Something closely kin to Frisbee.


Our favorite water spot.

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Backyard with a sprinkler, a trampoline, and a hundred little colored balls. Seriously, how much fun can we have.

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Golf. Which wasn’t what we’d originally planned for the evening, so all the boys wearing plaid pants was a total coincidence. I was wearing jeans. boo.

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Random Atlanta. I was prohibited from carrying my camera out to dinner (Caleb *cough*), so sadly there are no pictures of the enormous piece of red velvet cheesecake. Which means I have an excuse to go back, I guess.

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