little boy


Ever since he turned two Jon has been on a fast-track race to catch up with his brother. They are very good buddies (most of the time), thank goodness, because Jon follows behind Jack everywhere he goes, trying to emulate all he does. And so far Jack is okay with this. I hope he never learns the term “copycat”, cause we could have problems.

There is one thing Jack does every morning that Jon is not able to participate in. Sometime around 6 AM Jackson exits his room, shuts the door quietly behind him, tiptoes into the livingroom, turns on the TV and the DVD player (because we’re a cable-free household), and watches his cartoon of choice. Jonathan on the other hand, upon waking up and finding Jackson gone and himself left behind and trapped in his crib, either A. screams for me at the top of his lungs, or B. cries hysterically at the top of his lungs. Either way I’m awakened to a very angry 2-year-old.

Enter solution.


Last night was the first with both boys in twin beds. I hope I get around to taking down Jackson’s name one of these days since that isn’t his bed anymore. Anyway, here’s Jon explaining his new sleeping arrangement to Caleb. I disassembled the crib completely last night and I only cried a little.


I want to beg him to be a baby forever, except I’m discovering there are good things that come with growing up too. I like not carrying a diaper bag everywhere. I like the stroller being optional instead of necessary. Most especially, I like going to the beach without enduring meltdowns from the back seat.

And this morning, when my phone chirped at 6:30 AM and I hopped out of bed in hopes of catching a glimpse of my littlest man still snuggled in his big boy bed, but instead found him sitting in his chair next to Jack, engrossed in Dora… well, it suddenly occurred to me that if my phone hadn’t chirped who knows how long I might have slept.

This phenomenon must be explored.

ps. I’m leaving the potty training until Caleb comes home. Some things are too good to miss.


Katie said…
Wow, Jackie, he is growing up. How fun and sad! Love the peek into your life on your blog. And ps - I love that dresser in the boys room. What is the story about it?
Deb said…
Uh, oh - all of a sudden, Jon has lost a little of the baby roundness to his face. Maybe the bed made him a big boy!