sand in my shoes


We spent the last few days in Orange Beach. If you called and couldn’t get us, that’s because we were really and truly unavailable, not because we were ignoring calls. We didn’t really give anyone notice that we were leaving… sorry! Actually, it was about as spur-of-the-moment as a trip to the beach can possibly be. Something like this:

Caleb: “What do you want to do while I’m here.”

Me: “Go to the beach.”

Caleb: “Okay, tomorrow’s good for me.”

And then we threw a few things in the car and took off. We searched for shells, skipped through the surf, ate fish and shrimp, left four sets of water tracks through the hotel lobby, and I filled my shoes with sand when I ran down the beach this morning.

I’m sure I’ll post some of the pictures if I ever get around to editing them. Just now, I’m missing out of shrieks of joyous laughter from the other room.