a very special reunion


When he left she was just a baby, and a grouchy one at that, so I can understand why Caleb was surprised when Tiggy went right to him without even a hiss or a puff. I wasn’t surprised. I raised her. I’m pretty sure she’s the sweetest hedgehog on the planet. Also, I’m not biased at all.

Anyway. Then she burrowed in his hands and sniffed him. I call this “whiffling” because of the whuff whuff sound she makes. Her eyesight is very poor so when she whiffles it means “I think I know you, let me check. *sniff* *sniff* Oh, yes! You are my daddy.”

Then she tried to poop on him, which to a hedgehog means “I love you forever! Please never leave me again!”


It was beautiful.


Anonymous said…
Your dad gave a big laugh. thanks for the enlightened narrative from the hedgehog whisperer! 123me