we, three


And then there were three..

I took Caleb to the airport Sunday and spent four hours waiting with him until his plane to Germany was ready to board. I also got to experience the airport’s hospitality toward the military firsthand. I was given a pass which allowed me, along with all the guys in uniform, to bypass the 20 minute security check-in line and accompany Caleb all the way to his gate. There we sat, more or less surrounded by 250+ weary bodies. At one point I leaned over to Caleb and whispered “Look at all the vacant stares..” To which he replied, “Resigned to their fates.”

I think he was just kidding. Maybe.


Also, I was given pretty strict instructions not to stand around and wait for the plane to finish boarding. (He knows me really well, as that sort of thing makes me lean toward emotional instability and thoughts of sneaking aboard the luggage compartment). So I tried to follow instructions and when they called boarding, I left back down the terminal. Except I only made it to gate 26 before I turned back around. Then I stood there and watched Caleb until he disappeared down the jetway. And I watched until all the guys behind him had boarded too. I felt like I owed it to them to bear witness while they trudged back to their respective combat zones. And to pray one day each of them will return to this country they fight for.

And then I came home to these little men:


Without them, I’d be lost.


Emily said…
Praying for you Jackie, and Caleb, and the boys.
Marian Frizzell said…
My heart got so sad all over again, just reading this. I know what you're talking about.