Once upon a time he had very short hair. Pigtails and Crewcuts did it to him. I distinctly remember telling the woman with the scissors that I wanted it trimmed just a little in the back and “leave it mostly long and scruffy… you know, I like him looking like he belongs in a concrete bowl with a skateboard.” She gave me a very strange look. Then she chopped his hair to nothin’. That was the last time he had his hair cut.

But after the incident at the fair ground where I mistook a girl with shoulder length hair for my son… I decided to take just a little off the back. Again.


Except, mistrusting person that I am, I did it myself this time and I cut it WAY shorter than I meant to. It doesn’t even touch his shoulders anymore. I’m teetering between what did I do? and why does this always happen? My biggest consolation is that it has four months to grow out before Caleb gets home. And it’s just hair, right?


Anonymous said…
For what it's worth, I like his haircut, Jackie! :)