fair as fair is


First of all. My kids never look at me anymore. Forget taking those sorts of pictures where you line them up in front of huge flashing carnival sign, “SAY CHEESE”, snap one picture and hope it turns out okay. I think I’ve completely desensitized them to the camera. Like why should we look at you, Mom? You always have that monstrosity attached to your retina. It’s frustrating, but I’m learning to be content with pictures in which they look like themselves, regardless of where their eyes are pointing.

That said. This picture (above) is one of my favorites. EVER. I don’t know why so don’t ask.

Second of all. I took the boys to the fair ground. By myself.

Third. I was fully prepared for it to be a complete disaster. After all, neither of them are very good at following directions in crowded places. Excitement = ear plugs. Proven. Also, despite all the times I’ve thought of using them, I still don’t own any of those nifty kiddy leashes. And dog leashes are out because all mine are in the attic. So even though I was ready for the worst, the boys were really great and this was easily the most fun pack three hours I could have asked for.


In addition. None of these pictures are edited. I’m lazy. Sorry.


My favorite moment from the night: Jackson walks into the petting zoo, spots a pin full of goats and screams “Look, Mommy! DOGS!!” At least he knows what a horse looks like (see rodeo video below).

Other noteworthy event: I put my baby on a roller coaster. By himself. On a roller coaster. All alone. Then I watched him go round and round and second guessed myself the whole time.


Okay. So he wasn’t completely alone. My older baby was on there too. But honestly, I was less concerned about the one clearly having the time of his life. And biting my nails over the one who barely scraped by on the height requirement.


Actually, he was about a half inch too short. But I let him ride anyway. Because he begged me!


Here he is, realizing he might have gotten more than he bargained for.


Luckily he didn’t figure that out until the ride was almost over.

On to something more his style.


I didn’t ride a thing and didn’t feel like I missed out, either. I got plenty dizzy tracking this spinning airplane with my camera lens.


It went up and down, round and round… and I followed diligently because I just wanted “ONE GOOD ONE” (my unsought motto here).


Except all that round and round, up and down got me a little carsick/dizzy/confused. Then I snapped this picture…



Marian Frizzell said…
haaaaahahahaha! wow. Is that a sign that jackson needs a haircut?
Jackie said…
um, yeah. more on that tomorrow..
jon said…
i got confused too. i was sitting there going OH NO did Jon fall out?! surely jackie would have said something. cuz there's jack and jon was right behind him and... wait. oh
Elisa said…
Oscar won't look at me much anymore, either, and when he does he makes the worst faces. I am sure I'll treasure those awful expressions in the future, but for now it's a bit maddening. I need to learn to chill out and just capture what he is doing and being, like you have. Wish me luck.

The fair pics are fantastic. Unedited they look better than my edited shots. AAAGH! Have you ever rented a lens to see what you think of it before investing, just curious, I'm considering that option.

LOVE the accidental pic, I am cracking up mightily.