camera season


My dad and brother were gracious enough to install an antenna on the roof of the house just in time for football season. If anything could have persuaded me to break my cable ban, it would be football. Thanks to them, I’m still cable-free, but I now have the ability to watch the major games in hi-def, which is enough for me. Especially since I miss so much of the game due to being so easily distracted by the sidelines.

Evidence. Mom calling on Saturday:

Mom: “What are you up to?”

Me: “Watching the Tennessee game.”

Mom: “Oh. What’s the score?”

Me: “Um…” awkward pause while I wait for the bottom of the screen to clear “42, 35. Tennessee.”

Mom: “Who are they playing?”

Me: “Um…” nother pause while I wait for the commercial break to finish “Kentucky.”

I may have missed the last play, but if she’d asked, I could have spouted a list of the cameras and lenses that captured it.


Anonymous said…
that is so funny Jackie. I wondered what else you were doing when I called. Hahaha, I should have known! :) 123Me
Elisa said…
Wow. How do you do that? You can tell by looking at footage what camera was used!?