he’s two


Found the other kid on the counter. He was making a PB and honey, I think. Or three, judging by his stack of bread. I do feed these guys, I promise. It’s just, in Jon’s case, I don’t always understand what he’s asking for, and he’s not the kind to sit around and wait for my brain to catch up and interpret.


He’d rather just help himself. He’s two, but it’s hard to believe it sometimes, especially when he pours his own cereal, gets the vacuum out to clean up the half that missed the bowl, borrows the keys and drives to the store to buy some more. Can’t wait to see what he does at three.


Daddy said…
That's too funny, Jackie. He really is amazing (of course...he's our child). Hey, if you start him out early, you could have him making dinner by the time he's 4. :-) Love and miss you all.