let them eat more popcorn!


Oh boy. Day two of the madness we went to the circus. You know, it’s funny. Every year I swear up and down I’ll buy tickets in advance next go round, and then I never remember until I’m standing fifty feet down the ticket line again. But something unexpected happened after we’d been shuffling forward for a few minutes. A lady came up and handed me tickets, explaining that she’d bought in advance and had three extra, and after I thanked her profusely, the boys and I skipped the remaining 45 feet of line and went straight inside.

Quick stop for a large tub of salt and butter (popcorn on the side, anyone?) and of course we had to pass all the novelty toy venders before making it into the arena. Okay. And we’ve been to a LOT of attractions/events/etc. where the annoying light up sword thingies were sold. Until then I’d stood strong in the face of incredible begging and never once bought a light stick. But I guess that night I was on a high from skipping the ticket line and I gave in.


Of all the pirate swords and lightsabers on the table, my boys each picked Tinkerbelle on steroids light up wands. Turns out they can bash each other over the head just as well, even if the ‘weapon’ twirls and sings fairy songs. Also, they had to be temporarily confiscated five minutes into the show when I said “Hey Jack, look at the Tiger jumping through a ring of fire!” and he was all “My light stick is so cool!”

On that note, here’s a picture or two, all SOOC (straight out of camera) because I’m on a no-editing spree.


I don’t know how I feel about this guy’s outfit..


Same guy, different clothes… not much improvement.



Elisa said…
I am shamed by your go-for-it FUN mommy abilities! Are (were) you on a non-editing spree because of time or because you want(ed) to be?