update on the jars


So I’ve been asked several times over the past couple of week if we still keep up with the M&M jars. Do the boys remember to eat one every day? Have you ever missed? How many M&Ms are left? What happens when you go out of town?

Okay. The jars have been messed up for months. I think it just happened one day when I was in desperate need of bribery. So I took five out of Jon’s jar and make a mental note to return them later. Instead I took a few from Jack’s the next week. Then I put the jars on top of the refrigerator and promptly forgot about them for a month. I didn’t borrow anymore and neither did the boys eat one a day. I’ve been meaning to “fix” the jars.

Somewhat related: When I walked into the church to pick up the boys on Wednesday, Jackson’s teacher intercepted me in the hall and was all “I just have to tell you something”. Oh here it comes! I knew his No shirt, no shirt, no problems philosophy was going to chew me up and spit me out one day. Only what she wanted to tell me had nothing to do with my having to force a tshirt over his little stubborn head that morning.

Apparently several of the teachers had been questioning Jackson about Caleb’s deployment and were impressed by his answers. Things like “My Daddy is in Iraq to protect our country.” And when they asked him when his daddy was coming home, he replied “When all the enemies are gone.”

Her point was to compliment me on Jackson’s smarts, but what I took away was that comment about the “enemies”. I’ve never once told Jack that the Iraqis are our enemies. So when we got in the car I tried to figure out exactly what he said to Miss Amy.

“Daddy comes home when all the M&Ms are gone!” he told me triumphantly.

I drove home and fixed the jars. Three and a half months, ya’ll. It’s not too early to put on your party hat.


Elisa said…
Ok, you made me cry already. I just want to hug Jack till I can't hug any more.
Elisa said…
Well, I've lost my place in the "catching up", but I'll find it. I think of your M&M jars often, it is BRILLIANT. Did you come up with that idea yourself?