the wipeouts


There’s this funny common thing about water sports in which the rider is attached to the boat by a rope. Anywhere the boat goes, the rider follows. If the boat makes a fast turn, the rider’s inertia slings them across the wake. If the boat crosses the wake of another boat, the rider often finds themselves airborne. Basically you are at the mercy of the driver. In my opinion a good driver gives you a ride you’re not likely to forget.

My Uncle Mike is an awesome driver.


He inspires expressions like this one:


I now interrupt this post to bring you this photo of my Dad


He grew up on this lake. I think he could water ski before he could walk. And here he is demonstrating the classy way to finish a ski. My dad doesn’t fly head over heals, instead he tosses the rope away and sinks gradually into the water.

He even makes a barefooting reentry look good. That’s talent.


Okay, now on to the more painful pictures.

So having been on the back end of a telephoto lens during all these events, you can understand why I declined to ride myself. Call me a sissy, but feel I got my fill just by being witness to these:

207 519282231

And also some hanging on for dear life.

328 224 347

Which won’t save you from this:


This is a cool trick:


So is this:


The best part about riding in the boat is the collective “OHH!” when this happens:


But then we clap and encourage them to get back in the tube and do it again.


And again.


Because it just isn’t inner tubing unless you’ve been flung out.



Caleb said…
Awesome pics, Jackie. I'm so jealous. I wanna get slung too! Glad the boys had so much fun. The look on Jack's face is priceless. Love you.