A few weeks ago I began craving dog company in earnest again. After Sammy died in March ‘09, I truly thought we might never own another dog. Not because I thought nothing could replace Sammy, but just because I did not in any way feel like I wanted another dog. Repeat: For the first time in my life I didn’t want to be a dog owner. I think I actually told Caleb “This is not normal for me.”

So for the past year and a half I’ve embraced dog-lessness and it’s been wonderful and great. I didn’t feel like there was anything missing. But little by little, it came back to me. And a few weeks ago I broached the subject with Caleb. I thought he’d want to wait until he came home to consider this addition. Instead he said “If you get one now, it could be housebroken by the time I get there.”

We had rigid criteria. The puppy must be a male, between 4 and 6 months old, come from a reputable breeder. And above all… Jon, our cynophobic child, had to be okay with it. I considered various breeds for all of ten minutes before I realized my heart will perhaps forever belong to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Finding a puppy that fit our specifications was no small task. After a week of calling breeders, I all but gave up. Then I got an email from a breeder in NE Alabama. She said she had a 5 1/2 month old Cav puppy with an incredible disposition, and we agreed to meet.

He came home with us that day, on a trial period. And it hasn’t been without hiccups. Not the usual ones you’d think of when getting a new puppy. Mainly, Jonathan spent the first two days going ballistic every time Tucker got within four feet of him. Also, he stayed confined to objects that would keep him off the ground and he got places by utilizing the furniture as stepping stones and then screaming at me to carry him through the doorways and deposit him on the next available chair.

But a lot can happen in a week. Yesterday Jon sat on the ground and pet Tucker on the head. Incredible progress. I think we’ll be keeping him.


jon said…
wait why 411?