and puppy makes three


Three kids, that is. And this is by far the quietest one.

He’s been here since Sunday, but I had to be sure.. so I opted not to blog about him until attachments formed. I think I crossed that line Tuesday night when the boys were having a smackdown in the living room the likes of which would make John Cena proud. I peek out from under my blanket and make eye contact with the puppy hiding under his, and I’m all “You and me? We’re going to get along just fine.”

In case you had doubts that one can form attachments over Skype, you should know that Caleb took a look at those big brown eyes, said “What about we call him Tucker?” And that was that.


Paige said…
oh my god i love love love your header! I used to intern @ atlantic records photog dept. i will def be stopping by your site again
Elisa said…
I love him, and I adore the name, a sentimental one for me. Good for you. Great for him, lucky dog.