in need of a chill pill


So, let me preface by saying that How To Train Your Dragon came out on DVD October 15th, and we came home with a copy that night. During the months of waiting, we’ve managed to collect various Dragon paraphernalia including action figures, foam Viking swords, and the stuffed animals that started it all (of course). Zippleback and Monstrous Nightmare were so excited for the DVD release, they had a smackdown in their room at 10:30 one night. Zippleback split a seam and lost a melon-sized chunk of stuffing. He had to be sent to the vet for surgery (thanks Dad!).

Anyway. For the “release party” I bought dragon eggs and these dragon heads on a stick, with something insane like 31 grams of sugar. And I guess this is what I get for keeping my kids less than acclimated, because poor little Jon’s body just didn’t know what to do about the sugar shock. I knew something was wrong when the crazed light in his eyes turned into screaming at the top of his lungs, just for the fun of it. Also there was the standing on his head while barking at the dog, who was hiding behind the couch. Oh yeah, and then he ran head first into a wall and laughed manically about it.

While I was in the kitchen cleaning blue sugar off the floor, the wall, and the ceiling, Jon had latched onto Jack in the living room and I could hear Jack trying to reason with him.

“Jon, let go of me. Let me go! Don’t lick me!! Mom, what’s wrong with him??”

“I don’t know!”

And then he looks down at the slobbering maniac hanging onto his left foot and goes “Dude, you need a chill pill.”

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Caleb said…
That's too funny, babe! Of course, I'm here reading about it, while you're there having to deal with it. You tell it so humorously well, though. I love and miss you all. Can't wait to hold my family again.